Top 6 Favorite Books I Read In 2023

On New Years Eve my husband and I have two traditions. First we go through our memory jar and read all of the hilarious stories written on slips of paper that we wrote over the past 12 months. Once we have read them all, we pour a glass of wine, take out a notebook, and write out some specific goals for the new year.

One of my goals every year is to read a certain number of books. Last year I read 20 books, so I made that my goal for 2023 also.

I rate all of my books on a scale from 1 – 5, based on how much I got out of the book and how likely I am to recommend it to somebody else.

These books have shifted my perspective and influenced my mindset, habits, and aspirations. My top 6 books are my favorites from the year. Some our business, some are personal, and some have impacted both!

For a complete list of all of the books I read in 2023, scroll down. (and for 2022, 2021, 2020)

May the pages of your next book be filled with inspiration and growth. Happy reading!

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1. “Your Dream Life Starts Here”

[Personal, Business] 5/5

This is a book of journal prompts and thought provoking questions that will help you turn your aspirations into reality.

Drawing from personal experiences, Karlsson shares practical insights and tools to help readers clarify their dreams and craft a roadmap for success.

This motivational book inspires individuals to pursue their passions and create the life they envision.

2. “Dream Big”

[Personal, Business] 5/5

Dream Big is an empowering exploration of boundless possibilities by Bob Goff.

Through captivating anecdotes and wisdom, Goff encourages readers to break free from self-imposed limitations, embrace audacious dreams, and live a life of purpose.

This motivational book inspires courage, resilience, and the pursuit of transformative goals.

3. “Saving Aziz”

[Personal] 5/5

This book is a gripping story about two friends from two different countries who put everything on the line for each other.

This story beat all the odds and miraculously saved thousands of people. An incredible true story that will pull on your heart strings.

4. “Essentialism”

[Business, Personal] 5/5

McKeown inspires readers to identify and focus on what truly matters, urging a deliberate and selective approach.

This insightful book provides a blueprint for simplifying life and maximizing impact through essential choices. Loved it!

5. “Storyworthy”

[Business] 5/5

Storyworthy is a guide to crafting and telling unforgettable stories.

With humor and insight, the author shares storytelling techniques honed through personal experiences, teaching readers how to captivate audiences.

6. “Habits of the Household”

[Personal] 5/5

Learn simple habits and easy-to-implement daily rhythms that will help you find meaning beyond the chaos of family life.

Every day and every interaction is an opportunity to practice how to love God and each other.

All 20 Books I read this year:

Storyworth 5/5

Small Giants 3/5

Essentialism 5/5

Rocket Fuel 2/5

Dreaming with God 3/5

Dream Big 5/5

Stories we Tell 4/5

Upstream 4/5

Teenage Mind 4/5

Wealth Habits 5/5

Everything is Figureoutable 4/5

Choose Yourself 2/5

Dream Life Starts Here 5/5

Who Moved My Cheese 4/5

More than a Mom 4/5

Awakened Woman 3/5

Habits of the Household 5/5

Saving Aziz 5/5

Mindset Shift 4/5

Millionaire Success Habits 4/5

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