Top 6 Favorite Books I Read In 2021

On New Years Eve my husband and I have two traditions. First we go through our memory jar and read all of the hilarious stories written on slips of paper that we wrote over the past 12 months. Once we have read them all, we pour a glass of wine, take out a notebook, and write out some specific goals for the new year. One of my goals this year was to read at least 6 books. I am a mother of young children… and reading books on a regular basis is difficult, but I wanted to make it a priority.

I have only read Non-Fiction over the past decade. I love reading a book that I think will help me grow myself or my business (enneagram threeeeeee). This past year I crushed my goal and ended up “reading” (a nod to audiobooks) SEVENTEEN books! After reading each book I rated how I liked it out of 5 and then wrote a very short synopsis. The rating is TOTALLY subjective. Like I said I’m a Non-Fiction girl and I’m also very easily bored if stories get too dull or …long. So take my ratings with a LARGE grain of salt. Anywho, below are my top 5 favorite books that I read in 2021.

1. “Outliers”

[Personal, Business] 5/5

I had a difficult time putting this one down, which is saying a lot! In this book you will learn that successful stories are always more than what meets the eye. There is always more going on under the surface. Circumstances and hidden opportunities are all a huge part of what makes someone a success. A must read!

2. “9 Things You Simply Must Do”

[Business] 5/5

This book was very practical. The author lists 9 things that he has found (over his years of research and counseling) that successful people do. He then gives short stories and strategies for implementing them into your life.

3. “The Hiding Place”

[Personal] 5/5

I read this ENTIRE book on a 4 hour plane ride. That is saying something. Although the beginning was difficult for me to get through (a bit slow) it quickly became a nail biting page turner. This is a story about how God works all things for those who love him. He sheds His light in the darkest places. An amazing true story.

4. “Counter Culture”

[Personal] 5/5

Jesus countered the culture that He lived in and it’s no surprise that in order to follow Him we must also counter OUR culture. This book is a call to deny our comfort and look to Jesus. Convicting and eye opening.

5. “Go Giver”

[Business] 5/5

The secret to a successful business is…giving! This book is a story that walks you through what can happen when you become a go-giver and shares the 5 laws of success. An absolute must read for all business owners!

6. “The Hole In Our Gospel”

[Personal] 5/5

Wow! This book is a call to true Christianity by keeping the poor in the forefront of your mind. Jesus loved the poor and calls His followers to care for them. Americans cannot deny how rich they are compared to the world and we should be doing more. So good!

All 17 Titles with rating:

  1. Blink 4/5
  2. Follow Me 5/5
  3. The Go Giver 5/5
  4. Entreleadership 4/5
  5. The Hole in Our Gospel 5/5
  6. Counter Culture 5/5
  7. Good to Great 3/5
  8. Gay Girl Good God 5/5
  9. The Power of The Other 4/5
  10. The Hiding Place 5/5
  11. Love & Respect 4/5
  12. How To Win Friends and Influence People 4/5
  13. Go Givers Sell More 3/5
  14. 9 Things You Must Do 5/5
  15. Tipping Point 3/5
  16. Outliers 5/5
  17. Hiding in the Light 5/5

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