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My Story…

I was a major entrepreneurial skeptic... And it was because I was taught to just go to college and then get a job.

You see, I was a teacher. I have a degree for it. In fact I have TWO degrees for it. I couldn’t put all of that hard work and money spent to waste! Plus, how could I ever step out of that and start my own business?

Then I broke free from the mindset of being pigeon holed and now I make twice as much as I did when I was a teacher, working half the amount of hours. I was liberated.

So, if you desire financial freedom and flexibility but you have something holding you back, you are not alone. I’m here to tell you it is time to break free. And I’m here to help you!

Starting my own business absolutely changed my life and now I want to give you all of the tools that I have learned the hard way so that you can build a business to fit your life, too!

Take it from me...

In the summer of 2018 I was struggling. I had taken a year off of working to adjust to having two kids. I loved being a stay at home mom, but I also missed working. I was going back and I go back to teaching full time?! Do I just go back to teaching night classes? Do I get some online job?...I was torn.

One night as I was verbally processing all of this, my husband asked me "well if you could do anything in the world, anything...what would it be?"

I'm a bit of a realist, and I couldn't even answer the question. I kept saying "it doesn't matter what I would want to do if I could do ANYTHING...that's not real life".

He pressed me to give an answer. Finally I blurted out "I would run a full time photography business!".

I felt so silly saying that out loud.

In that moment life was breathed into my suppressed dream. So I began building Amanda Rai Photography as we all know it today.

And now, it's a six figure business.

Starting a small business has changed my life, my income, and my ability to impact the world… and there were a million reasons why I wasn’t ready or why it wouldn’t work! But it did.

And now I get to teach you exactly how to create and maintain
a thriving business that serves YOU.

can you imagine?

Getting your hands on the exact tools to know how to create a business you love? I mean, all of the nitty gritty things that are holding you back.


Having access to years of knowledge and know-how on all the scary businessy stuff so that you can focus on being creative?

Close your eyes and dream build with me

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A Rai Mastermind

We're not meant to do this alone.


If you are looking for a crew of big dreamers like yourself, and you are ready to be challenged and see your business from a new perspective, join the waitlist for our Mastermind! This opens twice a year and has very limited spots available. 

In just 5 years, I went from ground zero to a six figure photography business.

I can guide you through the messy but beautiful process of growing your own business. Together we can design something that can be easily scaled to whatever your definition of success is. You can do this, and I can help!

But don’t just take it from me…


Get yourself a business coach who you trust and who has proof that what they are teaching works! Amanda is trustworthy, honest, and she knows her stuff. Her business success is evidence of that. I loved how organized and thoughtful everything was. It is clear that she has worked very hard in learning what she knows. She is highly knowledgeable, and could answer all of my questions with ease. I told her she really should charge more! She gives a LOT of information. I highly recommend her! She is so encouraging, a natural teacher.


I cannot recommend Amanda enough to be your fearless leader! Since being a part of the Mastermind, I have already implemented some practices into my business that have saved me time and money. On top of that, everyone is friendly, encouraging, and rooting for each other whether they’re in the same line of work or not. I was a bit hesitant at first since I knew I was the only florist in the group, but everything we talked about applied to me as well. I can’t even begin to list the tips and tools I’m taking away from this. Amanda is a true professional, teacher and friend and there is no doubt she has the experience, the passion and the tools to help small business owners achieve some of their biggest goals. 


Keep your passion and excitement for your business by investing in coaching from yours truly!​

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