How to Make Your Wedding Day More Personal

As a Wedding Photographer, I have been to many many weddings. Although most weddings have the same timeline flow, many weddings have unique elements that are special to the couple.

I highly suggest that when you are planning your wedding that you try to implement some unique aspects into your wedding day! Below are some ideas that I have seen carried out well. I even personally used some of these ideas on my own wedding day! This is your day, make it YOURS.

Getting Ready Magic

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The “getting ready” portion of the day is one of my favorites. There is so much joy, love, and the anticipation is palpable. You and your girls are getting pampered and beautified! Everyone is looking and feeling their absolute best.

It is so special to be able to capture these sweet moments with people who mean so much to you! Gifting your gals matching robes/jammies is such a wonderful way to say thank you and to capture the essence of your relationships.

Hugging and giggling, mimosa toasts, confetti bombs…capturing all of that joy! This makes for some adorable photos! You will not regret having these sweet memories captured.

First Look

Having a First Look is the perfect way to add something special to your wedding day.

This is such an intimate time where you and your honey can actually be alone and really soak in what is about to happen. If you are anything like me, and your future husband is your best friend, you will not regret having a special moment to see each other and absorb all of the emotions together!

If you are on the fence about having a First Look be sure to check out this post that goes into much greater details about the perks!



One way to make your wedding day personal that will have a huge impact on the day is if you and your future hubbie write your own vows! That is an amazing way to let your guests have a peek into your relationship and allow them to hear your unique love story.

If that sounds super overwhelming, head here for some tips on how to write your own vows! Other ways to personalize your ceremony could include lighting unity candles or pouring unity sand. This symbolizes the two families coming together to form one. I have seen the couple themselves do it and I have seen the mothers of the couple do it.

Another thing I have witnessed that was really sweet and impactful is a feet washing during the ceremony. This symbolizes that you and your future husband are committing to a life of serving one another. What a special and unique way to display such selfless love in front of family and friends!

Cocktail Hour

Having special cocktails offered during cocktail hour that uniquely shows your guests you and your partner’s personality is so much fun! This really allows your guests to get to know you two better and creates a fun experience for everyone in the process.

Make sure you include a small explanation or story to go along with your cocktail choice!

Reception Fun

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I cannot express enough how impressive the first dance is if you and your honey took dancing lessons together.

You will never regret having a loosely choreographed first dance. And just think about how much fun it will be to learn those dance moves together.

So if you are on the fence about whether or not you should do some dance classes…definitely do it! 


Your Exit

The way you end the day is just as important as the way you start the day. Think about you and your future husband’s personalities and what would just sum up the day perfectly for you two? Would fireworks work?

Maybe a sparkler or bubble exit? What if you two just up and left in a limo or a boat? Think about it. You don’t want the reception to end and then you’re like “welp, let’s clean up”. No no no. That is what your entourage is for. You get to ride off in the sunset with your new husband without worrying about a thing!

There are so many ways to personalize your wedding day to perfectly reflect you and your significant other’s personalities! Be sure to add some of these elements for a unique experience for you and your guests! Have fun with it…it is the biggest party you will ever throw!


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