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Today we are confronting myths and replacing them with something better! In my previous post (NTC: Planning & Batch Work) I shared a little secret…

“…multi tasking doesn’t work. Our brains are just not wired that way. When we think we are doing multiple things at once, we’re not REALLY multitasking. We are just switching our mind back and forth rapidly from one task to another and not giving either task our full attention.”

Wait, what? I thought multitasking was a good thing? Isn’t that more productive? In the words of Dwight Schrute…false. Today we’re going to dig deep into the myth of multitasking, why you should stop doing it, and what you can do instead!

Your brain cannot effectively do two things at the same time…you will either take longer to do those things or you won’t do them to the best of your ability. So trying to write that email while half listening to a podcast is not a good idea. You will actually end up losing time because it will take you twice as long or you will have to redo some subpar work! Multitasking is more of a myth than a helpful tactic.

That is, unless one of the tasks you are doing is automatic. Something you can do on auto-pilot. Some examples of automatic activities include: running, washing dishes, folding laundry, showering, cleaning, etc. Try to do a second activity while you are on autopilot especially if that something is on your to do list! Now THAT will help you be more productive and will allow you to get tasks done faster!

Write down some autopilot things you will do today and challenge yourself to do something productive while doing an auto pilot activity. This will help you fly through your to do list. That in itself will build momentum that will motivate you to keep tackling your list!

[Examples I do: Watch TV + Exercise, Listen to Podcast + Fold Laundry, Call Mom + Prep Meals, Sweep Floors + Listen to Audiobook]

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Try doing a second activity while you are on autopilot.

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