4 Ways To Prepare For A Rainy Wedding Day

You have been dreaming about your wedding day for as long as you can remember…and my guess is…it didn’t involve rain. Seeing rain in the forecast the week before your wedding day can be so discouraging, I know…I’ve been there.

Weather is so unpredictable and any wedding day, no matter the season, has the chance to get rained on. But I have good news…rain isn’t a bad thing (in fact many think that it is good luck!).

As a NH Wedding Photographer I have done my fair share of rainy wedding days, and you know what, they all ended the same as every other wedding. The couple got married! Isn’t that what it is all about?!

You will still get married. You will still get beautiful images. You will still have the BEST day ever. I can totally understand feeling a little uneasy about the idea of having a rainy wedding day, so below are 4 things that I believe will make your rainy wedding day easier.

rainy wedding day

1. An Up-do

Usually when rain is in the forecast, wind is too.

If you aren’t going to let a little rain damper your day and you want some of your photos outside to capture your story, consider having your hair put up. Wind, plus 100% humidity, can be hard on a gorgeous well intentioned down-do (is that a word?).

It might alleviate stress to make the game day decision to put your hair up if you know there will be rain (and wind) on your wedding day.

2. Rain Boots

If you are planning an outdoor ceremony, reception,…or you are wanting to venture out with your photog in the rain (dooo itttt!) then try swapping out your beautiful wedding shoes for some cute rain boots.

Wet shoes are no fun for you or your groom (or anybody really). You will be much more comfortable keeping your feet dry. I shot a rainy wedding day last year where the entire wedding party was wearing these rain boots.

It was so fun to have everybody outside, having a blast, and keeping their feet dry.

3. Clear Umbrellas

Your photographer probably has a bunch of these in their car. (I know I do!).

These make for some super cute photos! They allow natural light to illuminate your face, which is always more flattering. They also do not distract your eye from going directly to the people in the image.

People focused photography, that’s what I’m all about! Clear umbrellas sort of blend into the background as an added prop! These are a must have for rainy wedding days.

4. A GREAT Attitude

You know I had to go here, but honestly…preparing yourself mentally and committing to having a great attitude about whatever the weather will be is key.

I mean…1) Rain doesn’t hurt…2) You won’t melt…3) Your images will be gorgeous and memorable no matter what! Take a hold of your story and just roll with it! Be adventurous! No stress girl!!

Have fun and dance in the rain with your new husband!

Side Note:

It was actually sprinkling on MY wedding day, and thank goodness because our July 29 wedding day, that could have been an absolute scorcher, turned out to be a cool 75 degrees… and I wasn’t profusely sweating. Silver lining!

If you felt like this was helpful and want to stick around, check out more Tips and Tricks!


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