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It might not come as a surprise, I am not super talented when it comes to makeup. As I have gotten older I have gotten much more minimalistic in my makeup routine. I saw a meme the other day that said “makeup has gotten so intense you need a fine arts degree to apply it”, ha! Does makeup overwhelm you? It overwhelms me! Whether you go for a natural minimalistic look or you want to go for glam, these tips given by a talented professional make up artist will surely help sharpen your makeup applying tools!

1. First tell us a little about yourself. Why makeup? Where were you trained, what do you do now?

Hey, my name is Candra and I am a professional hair and makeup artist. I first started my journey into the world of cosmetology in 2009 when I attended Paul Mitchell the school Saint Louis. After graduating, I took a job at Dillards in the cosmetic department, more specifically the Estee Lauder counter. This position fueled my passion for makeup and I was lucky enough to attend several training seminars. The next 2 1/2 years  of my career were spent at Sephora gaining tons of experience and training. Sephora is where I became a certified makeup artist, and later a Senior Artist. Currently I am a freelance makeup artist working primarily weddings and absolutely loving it!

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2. What is the biggest mistake you see women make when it comes to their make up? What should we do instead?

The biggest mistake I see women making in their daily makeup routine is the over use of setting powders! A lot of textural issues in the skin such as looking cakey or dry is directly caused by too much powder. My pro tip is to tap excess powder off of your brush and press and roll the powder into the skin only focusing on places on the face you want to avoid shine. There is nothing wrong with a little dew to the skin, it looks more healthy and natural! However, if you find yourself transferring foundation every time you hug somebody you might need a little more setting powder. It is all about finding that balance!

3. How do you create the illusion of being more bright eyed and awake?

Two tips to create the illusion of being more bright eyed and awake would be to use a concealer that is one to two shades lighter than your foundation and create a triangle underneath each eye, then blend. This will instantly make you look more awake! My second tip is to take a light colored eyeshadow or your favorite highlighter and pop it right in the inner corner of your eyes.

4. We all grew up testing foundation on our wrists, but what is actually the best way to test the color of foundation?

*Cringe* Please don’t do this! Test your foundation along the side of your cheek down to your neck for the most accurate results.

5. We all want to look younger, what is one thing we can do to give us an age rewind?

Moisturize! Not only will this help prevent any more signs of aging but hydrating skin instantly looks plumper and more youthful.

6. Drug store stuff versus name brand Sephora makeup…does it really make a difference?

Some things, absolutely. I would say the two things you should spend a little more money on for better quality is eye shadow and foundation

7. What is one suggestion you can give us that will make the biggest impact on our makeup routine?

My one suggestion that I think would greatly impact anyone’s makeup routine is to start a skin care routine and drink water!! Makeup sits better on prepped, exfoliated and moisturized skin. Also with a good skin care routine you won’t have to focus so much on covering imperfections!

Isn’t she awesome? Thank you Candra! That wasn’t so bad eh? Simple tips that you can start implementing today! I know I have a lot to learn. Time to go to the store and get some good face moisturizer! I honestly just stopped using body lotion on my face a few years ago, even under my eyes! Yikes. I also have so many foundations in my makeup bag and none of them are the right color. Mainly because instead of bothering the employees to help me test the color, I just tested it on my hand and went on my merry way. What a headache! Save yourself the grief, bug those makeup store employees, and follow these tips!

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