A Wedding Photographer’s Advice for Brides

The day of your dreams is coming. So much time, effort, money, and energy have gone into planning this day. You will certainly remember it for the rest of your life.

You have hired a photographer, ordered a cake, tailored the dress, put deposits down for the venue, etc. There is certainly a lot that goes into planning a wedding, you’ve thought of everything…right?

Maybe! Here are a few tips I have for you brides out there for the day of your wedding.

1. Make sure you eat something

So the funny thing about this is…you won’t want to. Your adrenaline is going to be through the ROOF! You aren’t going to feel hungry, and even the thought of food is probably going to make you gag.

When everyone at the wedding is eating that is when brides usually walk around the reception hall chatting with old aunts they haven’t seen in a decade. Don’t get me wrong, this is great…but you need to eat.

Especially that delicious amazing food that you paid all of that money for! At least try eating small little snacks throughout the day. Especially if you plan on drinking some (a lot) of champagne!


Drink lots of water. It is a long day! You will be on your feet for hours upon hours.

3. Speaking of hydration…

Make sure you have a plan on how you are going to go to the bathroom!

Recruit some bridesmaids and maybe your mom for help. It is quite the job/spectacle. If you have a long trailing dress, big safety pins are good for pinning the back of the dress after the ceremony, and that will help.

It still takes one or two other people to hold the dress up so you can do your business.

4. Cutting the cake

Ok, I can’t be the only one who had no idea how to “cut the wedding cake”. My husband and I had this beautiful 3 tiered wedding cake, and when it was time to cut it, the venue coordinator sent us over.

The photographers were ready with their cameras aiming at us and we had knives in hand. But…how? It took us a solid 30 seconds (which felt like 10 minutes) to just go for it. Silly, I know. We just cut a little piece out of the bottom…and promptly shoved it in each other’s face. I recently shot a wedding where the exact same thing happened to the couple!

They ended up cutting down THE ENTIRE CAKE.

(If you want to keep the top for some anniversary down the line make one person in charge of that! We wanted our top layer but it got lost in the exchanging of hands somewhere down the line. I was super bummed! )

What to bring, just in case:

– safety pins

– double sided tape

– chapstick

– bobby pins

– lotion

– tissues

– mints

– stain remover (like a tide pen)

– krazy glue

– snacks

If this blog was helpful and you’d love more wedding guidance, snag my free Wedding Planning Checklist written specifically with future brides in mind!

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My name is Amanda and I am a Light and Airy NH Wedding Photographer serving couples and families by creating authentic and classic images that they will cherish for a lifetime. Lots of people are anxious about getting their photos taken but I create a no stress fun experience that will leave you feeling confident. 

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