How to Write SEO Blog Posts for your Ideal Client

Are you wondering how to write SEO Blog Posts? Let’s be honest. SEO can be really daunting.

It is a whole world, and if you aren’t in it, it can feel very overwhelming. But you are in luck. I ventured into the jungle of Blogging SEO so that you don’t have to. Now I bring what I have learned through my travel blog to my photography business.

SEO in a creative small business can do amazing things for becoming more visible to your ideal clients. I don’t think it’s talked about a lot in the creative small business space, and I’m here to change that!

Today I am going to share pieces of what I know about SEO and blogging to get you started in understanding what it is and how you can use it to put yourself on Google and have more clients find you.

How to Write SEO Blog Posts

You Need a Blog

If you have a business and you don’t have a blog, you should definitely start one. This a way for Google to recognize your site and to know that you are relevant because you’re posting new blog posts.

The number one thing you need to know about how to write seo blog posts is you need to be incredibly consistent. You need to prove to Google that you are an authority in whatever your business is or whatever your niche is.

This means you need to post consistently about a certain niche or topic. So whatever your schedule is, whatever you feel like you can do, just pick it and stick to it. So if it’s once a week, make sure you’re putting out a blog post every week.

If you could do twice a week, even better. The more you post the faster Google will recognize you as an authority.

Be realistic about what schedule you can stick to. I started by posting one blog every other week, busy mom life. I knew that’s what I could do on a consistent basis.

Once I started my travel blog, I was doing once a week and now I’m doing twice a week over on that platform as I focus on growing.

Just remember, consistency will build your authority on Google.

Find the Right Keywords

My second tip for SEO is to find keywords that people are actually searching for.

You want to find high volume, low competition keywords. So if you’re a wedding photographer like me, a lot of your keywords will be local venues.

Venues might not be the highest volume keywords, but I know that my couples are searching for their venues. Usually they book their venues first.

If I’m doing a wedding blog post, that venue name is going to be in the title, it’s going to be in the body of the blog post, it’s going to be in the meta description, it’s going to be in the slug (the url), it’s going to be everywhere.

But if you’re writing a blog post that is not specific to a certain place or a certain venue that you’re trying to rank for, then you can find keywords on lots of different sites. I’ve used keywords everywhere, semrush, and keysearch.

My favorite tool right now is keysearch! It is pretty affordable for the paid version and has lots of information you can access.

Just get your feet wet a little bit. Learn what you can before you step further into the water, because if you just jump off the deep end, it’s going to feel like you’re drowning, because it’s a lot. Some companies have free keywords, some of them do not.

Whatever you have for your keyword, whatever you land on, just naturally have that keyword in the title and throughout the post in a natural speaking way.

Put the keyword the slug, and the meta description, which is what Google is going to display when you have it ranking on Google search results.

How to Write SEO Blog Posts

Google Search Console

The third tip is Google search console. If you don’t have a Google search console account, it’s free, just make one here.

You can check your efforts to make sure that you are ranking for the keywords you are aiming for. You can also find what keywords you’re ranking for and how people are finding you on Google.

Make sure that all of your pages are indexed. In Google Search Console, there’s a bar at the top that you can insert your specific URL and it’ll tell you if it is being displayed on Google search results.

If it’s not indexed, you can request that it will be indexed. Sometimes it can take a couple of minutes, sometimes days for the URL to be indexed.

Bonus tip: I also found that if you are a photographer, Pinterest really helps with your Google power.

Domain Authority

The last tip is to raise your domain authority, which is how much Google thinks of you as an authority in your niche.

Long story short, you need to get backlinks.

What that means is that other sites are linking your site on their site.

So if you’re a photographer sending the gallery to all of the different vendors and suggesting that they can use it to post on their site they just need to “backlink” you.

There’s lots of different ways to get backlinks. You could write guest posts for other blogs, you can get “Help a Reporter” emails to see if you can be featured on another website, or you can do link swaps with other blogs.

If you are wondering what your specific Domain Authority is, you can check this on a free tool called Moz!

Final Thoughts + Bonus Tip

If you keep all of these things in mind on how to write SEO blog posts, you will be well on your way to ranking higher in search results. This is an incredible way to market your business for free!

My bonus tip, outside of your blog, is you need to make sure that your home page and every site on your page is SEO friendly. Be sure to have your niche keyword as an H1 header on your home page, this will help you ideal clients find you also.

There you have it. I hope this has given you the jumpstart that you need for SEO and blogging.

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Happy Blogging!

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