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As a child you adopted different perspectives about life without even noticing. Whether from your parents, influential adults, TV, movies, books, or peers…you have been influenced. It isn’t until you are an adult that you can have some of these core beliefs challenged.

It wasn’t until I began my business that I realized I had many beliefs that were blocking my success. I made it my mission to tackle these limiting beliefs and replace them with a new script. Below are 5 of the mind shift books that completely rocked my world view. Each one giving me a different piece of the puzzle, replacing what I believed to be true about money, work, relationships, and life.

mindset shifting books

This book was eye opening for me on how much technology is distracting me from truly living life to the full. Tech companies are exploiting human psychology with attention seeking marketing and because of the addictions that we are facing with technology we are experiencing solitude deprivation. This is causing the worst mental health crisis ever seen. This book provides tips on how to break the addiction and set up healthy boundaries with technology.

Oh man if you want all of what you believed to be true about money challenged, read this book. I had so many “ah-ha” moments and this book really broke through many perceptions I had. This is a must read if you want to build wealth.

This was the book that awoke my 35 year old snowbird dream. I didn’t enjoy every aspect of this book, but the chapters that I did enjoy completely changed my life. If you want to live a life that is different from the norm, then tackle whatever is stopping you and do it. This book is motivating and gives the reader practical tips along the way too.

The secret to a successful business is…giving! This book is a story that walks you through what can happen when you become a go-giver and shares the 5 laws of success. An absolute must read for all business owners!

This is an old classic that many new age books got their inspiration from. The book is basically about manifesting, before manifesting was a thing. As Theodore Roosevelt said “believe you can and you’re halfway there”. The author goes through 13 habits that successful people do and then shares them with the audience.

There is a battle going on in your mind. This book talks about how you can be prepared for the fight and to remember you always have a choice to change the course of a mental downward spiral. You can replace lies with truth and stay above emotional turmoil. She explains how and gives tips and examples!

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