Exciting New Date Ideas To Try

I don’t know about you, but date nights can get quite stale if they are the same every single time. Sometimes you have to try exciting new date ideas. I get real tired of just dinner and a movie, so we like to mix it up a little bit every now and then. We try to find exciting and unique dates ideas that combine both of our interests, ability, and love languages!


As a disclaimer my love language is quality time, so you will see a recurring theme with these date ideas…yes…they are all about quality time! Love languages are something my husband and I found out about during our pre-marital counseling. Everyone has a “primary love language” and sometimes how you receive and how you give love can even be different. To find out what you and your honey’s love language is click here!

Without further ado here are 4 staple date ideas that my husband and I have done again and again over the years!

1. Go for a Hike

This idea is definitely based on ability level. Here in NH there are so many trails to choose from! Hiking doesn’t necessarily mean mountain, you can go for a trail hike through conservation land! If you do choose to hike a mountain there are so many different options for everyone’s ability level. There are the easiest hikes (like Foss Mountain), moderate hikes (52 with a view), or difficult (4k footers). Going into nature and being just the two of you for an extended period of time while exercising is a great way to spend time together.

2. B&B in a New Town

Who doesn’t like a good Bed & Breakfast? Such quaint historic buildings all over New England with amazing breakfast included. Win win in my book! My husband and I are a bit keen on breakfast foods! We love it, especially when we don’t have to cook it! Many B&Bs are located in peaceful locations and can offer beautiful gardens and epic mountain views to take in. These restful inns can offer a great place to escape from the stresses of everyday life.

3. Amusement Park

Having a date at an amusement park (fair or carnival) can be so much FUN! So much great comfort foods, games, and rides to explore. These parks are dedicated to the sole purpose of providing you a fun environment while helping you create memories for you two to look bad on. The adrenaline that comes from riding some of these park’s rides will keep your heart fluttering, that’s for sure!


4. Tourist in the City

One of my favorite parts about where I live is that I can be at the beach, mountains, or a major city within an hour. My husband and I love to play “tourist” and take the train, subway, or bus into the city and explore what it has to offer. We live closest to Boston which is bursting with history to take in. We love going to city zoos, aquariums, and museums! We have taken boat tours, horse carriage tours, and bus tours. Although we don’t live far, we ALWAYS learn something new every time.

For more fun we like to combine some of these too. For example, our second babymoon (vacation right before our second baby was born) we combined 1 & 2 in Acadia National Park. Combining these ideas can create countless memories for years to come!

I hope these ideas sparked some enthusiasm and creativity for you to take some time to plan a little date night! For great at home date ideas (and some laughs) check out this post!

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