At Home Date Night Ideas

During the winter months it can be difficult to become inspired for new at home date night ideas on how to spend some intentional time with your honey! I feel ya. I sat down and brainstormed some tried and true at home date nights that worked well for me over the years. Let me know what you think!

1. A Little Q&A

A few years into my marriage I purchased a pack of “question cards for couples” for us to ask each other. This actually started when we were planning a trip to California and were going to drive up the Pacific Coast Highway and I needed some fun things for us to do in the car. This is great to do over some coffee, hot chocolate, tea, wine, your favorite mixed drink…whatever you two like to do! Amazon has tons of them to choose from!

2. Cook Together

I say this with a word of caution because my husband and I cook VERY differently and we found out early in our marriage that the cute little movie scene of the couple wearing aprons and cooking together sweetly and giggling together was just not in the cards for us. ha! However, we are huge Chopped fans…and we actually had a few of our own little competitions. This way we were making two totally separate things and we weren’t focused on what the other person was making. For times sake, we create mostly desserts. We do have to get a little creative with the judging, but this is always a fun night!

3. Play a Game Together

This could be a game of cards, video games, trivia, or a board game! Don’t be afraid to pause the game and start it back up the next night if the game gets long and the night starts getting late, we have had to do that with Monopoly. We just took a picture of the game board and recorded everything we had so that we could just continue the game the next night. We have even taken it way back to the days when we first met and have played Beer Pong together! Except with the cups filled with water…not beer (just thinking about that now makes me gag). Think back to what you two used to do back when you first started dating, just doing that activity alone will spark so much fun conversation!

4. Take Out

Make this a super special night IN. Order take out and while you are waiting for it to be ready for pick up, straighten up, clean off the table, dim the lights, play soft music, and light the candles! If you have kids, do this after they go to sleep. During their “dinner time” just eat a light snack so that you and your honey can enjoy a delicious meal together, sans children. This could be a great way to kick off one of the other 4 ideas listed too!

5. Our Check In Questions

This is different than #1. A LONG time ago I came across a Pinterest post that gave us 5 questions…and I wish I knew who wrote it so I could thank the person because it has been so incredibly helpful over the years! Our first year of marriage my husband and I worked totally different schedules. I was a school teacher and he was working 2nd shift as a security officer, his weekends were Monday and Tuesday and he went to work before I got home and he came home after I was asleep. We rarely saw each other! Every Friday I would stay up super late and we would meet after he got off of work at a local restaurant and we would ask each other these 5 questions. We still do this every week!

The 5 questions are: 1. How did you feel loved this week? 2. What does your week ahead look like? 3. How can you feel appreciated in the week ahead? 4. How can I pray for you? 5. How can I pursue you?

Final Thoughts

I hope these at home date night ideas sparked some enthusiasm and creativity for you to take some time to plan a little date night! I would love to hear if you do any of these (or some version of it)! If you loved this post and want to learn more exciting date ideas, click here!

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