10 Things You Didn’t Know About Me

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The only way you can really get to know me before we meet in real life is to read my bio page on my website, and follow me on Instagram. Even then you are only getting a glimpse. So here are 10 things you didn’t know about me, even if you’ve done your research.

1. I was a Math Major

Girl, say what? You read that correctly. I went to Illinois State University to become a math teacher and I have a bachelors degree in Mathematics. Sounds super smart. I always feel a bit like a fraud though, because in a room full of math majors I was always..uh…struggling. Ha! But hey! C’s get degrees! (I also have a Masters Degree in Education but …ya know…no big deal *brushes nails off on shoulder*)

2. I was a Middle School Teacher

I absolutely love middle schoolers. Something about that awkward age where they think they know everything, are wildly insecure, and desperate to fit in. Yep, those are my people. I taught 8th grade math for 4 years and was a middle school youth group leader for 2 years. Love em!

3. I am super motivated

I am big into the Enneagram, and I am an Enneagram Three, which is the Achiever. I am super driven and ambitious. I get things done and I never procrastinate! …ever!

4. I’m extremely witty

This is probably the number 1 thing that made me fall in love with my husband, because he is even more witty than I am. The quiet quick clever come backs are my favorite. I thrive on those. Probably the main reason I also love The Great British Baking Show because Mel and Sue are the wittiest!

5. I hate doing the dishes

My mom probably won’t approve of me sharing this, but when I first got engaged she told me “make sure you don’t do everything for him right off of the bat because then he will expect it”. To be fair, she was probably kidding, but I was like “she has a good point”. So right from the get-go my husband and I split the two worst never ending chores: laundry and dishes. I do the laundry, he does the dishes. All of you engaged ladies, take heed! haha!

6. I am a self proclaimed Outgoing Introvert

That’s dumb, you thought. Hear me out. I am a super approachable, fairly friendly, socially confident gal. Hence, outgoing. However, being in large crowds doesn’t fill me up like being alone does. If I have a busy week, I will want to stay in the house all weekend and recharge.

7. I listen to Christmas music more than one person should

I know, I know.

8. I hate going to the movies

Am I alone in this? It is TORTURE! Sitting still for almost 2 hours? No thanks.

9. I am the queen of the Irish Exit.

I turn into a pumpkin at 9 pm, so if your event is going to go later than that, you can bet your bottom dollar I will be leaving. How do I avoid the awkward goodbyes? You guessed it, by not telling anyone that I’m leaving. bbbyyyeeee.

10. My middle name is pronounced “Ray”

I can’t tell you how many times people say “Rye”. Thanks a lot Thailand, and my mom. (Because Thailand is spelled with an “ai”…like my middle name…get it?)

Welp there you have it folks. I hope you feel like you know me a little better. I’d love to get to know YOU! Head over to my instagram and follow me so I can follow you back! Also be sure to subscribe to my monthly newsletter to keep up to date here!

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