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As a NH Wedding Photographer I have seen many venues. Choosing a venue is one of the first tasks on a newly engaged couple’s wedding planning list and it is a huge decision. The venue that a couple chooses ultimately is a reflection of them and will set the tone for their entire wedding. There are so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. There are outdoor tented venues, ballroom venues, and renovated historic spots. Barn weddings have become very popular in the last couple of years, and my favorite barn venue is The Barn at Powder Major’s Farm! I will break down my reasons for choosing this particular barn below!

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1. All in One

A venue that has a gorgeous ceremony spot and a reception hall on the same grounds is always a plus. This makes it easy for your guests, and your vendors too! Not only does Powder Major’s have this as an option they also have a readily available beautifully renovated vaulted room for your ceremony in case it rains! The farm house also seconds as a bridal suite so final touches of hair and makeup and getting dresses on can happen on site.

2. Private

The Barn at Powder Major’s Farm is tucked away from any busy traffic. This venue is on a small quiet road in a town that doesn’t have any other venues. There is actually 260 acres of Powder Major’s forest land that has been conserved and easements have been placed on the fields to ensure that the property will forever remain a farm and nature preserve. Guests can explore the grounds, check out the farm pond and visit historic sites on the property.

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3. Amenities

Believe it or not, it is not common for historic barn venues to include bathrooms. Usually renting a portable bathroom is needed. Not at this barn! They include beautifully renovated and clean bathrooms for your guests!

4. Historic

The Barn at Powder Major’s Farm was built in 1804, and has been restored beautifully. Around the venue there are framed posters explaining some of the historic significance of the site, which is such a fun bonus for your guests to read and get to be a part of! The owners, Chuck and Beth, are so sweet and super knowledgeable about their land’s history. They are so easy and fun to work with too!

BONUS: From a photographer’s perspective, this venue has beautiful light! The ceremony site is back lit (creamy romantic ceremony photos), the white gravel right outside the barn reflects beautiful clean light (making your skin look flawless), and the big open fields allow for couples to be well lit from head to toe! Choosing a venue can be overwhelming and a lot to think about! If you are thinking about having a barn wedding, I definitely recommend looking into The Barn at Powder Major’s Farm!

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