Our Story: Part 6


Run away with me.

When people ask me “how did you meet your husband?” I find myself giving the quick answer. I hardly ever go into detail because it just takes too long to explain. It is a really good story, so this series takes you from how we met all the way to our wedding day!

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“I’m in the parking lot” is the text I got while I was working my shift as a pharmacy tech at the CVS in downtown Panama City, Fl. It was time for my break and my boyfriend of 7 months wanted to talk…in person. I walked outside and jumped up into his F-250. “What’s going on?” I asked. He explained to me that his newly diagnosed Type 1 Diabetes resulted in him being honorably discharged from the Air Force. “Wow” I thought, this is not at all what I thought our life was going to be like…Air Force life was comfortable to me. That was how I was raised, I knew that life, and I thought that our future involved that lifestyle.

Ok… well…now what?

He looked me in the eye, grabbed my hand and asked “do you want to move to New Hampshire with me?”

…Oh boy. I had only been to New Hampshire once several months before this to visit and meet his parents. Who was I kidding? Of course I would. I would follow this boy to the moon if he asked me too. I grew up moving around, so…why not? We weren’t Florida natives anyway, and he was born and raised in New Hampshire. It sounded great, and I didn’t have any roots anywhere, I didn’t feel tied down to any place in particular. So, we started to prepare for the move.

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Our Story: Part 7


Ben’s last day in the Air Force and Ben and I settling into life in New Hampshire.

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