My Top 5 Favorite Seacoast NH Photo Locations

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I am a people centered NH Wedding Photographer. I want my clients to be the center of attention in every image I take.

I love to capture real emotion and have the photo tell a story about my clients and how they feel about each other. So yes, it is true, I could take a photo anywhere…but in my opinion, location does matter.

When it comes right down to it, it really matters for two reasons. The first reason is…if I LOVE the location, it really gets my creative juices flowing. If I see white gravel stone, beautiful low hanging flowered tree branches, or tall wild grass…I get a little giddy. Not sure why those get me excited? That brings me to my second reason that location matters.

Certain locations photograph beautifully. It could be that the location has all the things that get my heart racing, but what really matters is what the light looks like in that location. Light is king, light will make or break a photo. If I had a choice between a beautiful scenic background with terrible light or the Target parking lot with incredible light…I’d choose Target.

I have lived in NH for the past nine years and I have honed in on my top 5 absolute favorite shooting locations for portraits that I recommend to my clients again and again! Read through to the end for some bonus locations too!

1. Great Island Commons, Newcastle NH

This park is a little slice of heaven. I actually come here quite often with my kids nine months out of the year. This park has a variety of shooting locations (woodsy, rocks, beach) with my favorite one being the beach!

There is a little stretch of light colored sand that makes for some beautiful portraits. Nothing beats the way the light bounces off of the sand, giving your images amazing clean light (which equals beautiful skin)!

nh seacoast photo locations
nh seacoast photo locations

2. Odiorne Point State Park, Rye NH

You may or may not know, but this State Park and I have some history (read here). Now this place has some very versatile shooting locations.

I love the beautiful trail to the left of the Seacoast Science Center and how there are so many beautiful trees and lots of tall grass and plants to explore! This is also a place for some of the most epic rock beach portraits.

I just love walking around in the wilderness with my clients searching for beautiful sunlight!

3. Strawbery Banke, Portsmouth NH

Oh man. This spot. I have never taken a photo at this location that I didn’t love.

Talk about beautiful! The light colored walkway reflects gorgeous clean light on my clients and their skin always looks incredible.

I also just love the old colonial buildings. Nothing quite screams quintessential New England like that!

nh seacoast photo locations
nh seacoast photo locations

4. Wagon Hill Farm, Durham NH

If you are looking for rolling plains and beautiful forest trees, this is your spot. The way the light hits the tall grass and diffuses creates a glow that is one of a kind. There is also a light colored gravel path that, you guessed it, reflects beautiful light on my client’s faces!

They do cut the grass in late October and it doesn’t quite grow all the way back until about June, but it is a favorite for sure.

nh seacoast photo locations

5. Hampton Beach State Park, Hampton NH

Two words. Sand Dunes! This place is the epitome of a beautiful sandy New England beach.

It feels almost as if you are transported to a different world. After the sun goes down over the dunes this location makes for some incredible water shots as well!

Fair warning, this location is difficult during the late nights of summer because the parking lot closes at 8:00pm.

nh seacoast photo locations

6. Mt. Agamenticus, York ME

Although not right on the water, this is the perfect location if you are more of a mountain lover.

The beautiful views and epic sunsets make this a great engagement session location. Also, big plus, is that there is a parking lot at the summit, so no hiking required!

nh seacoast photo locations

I hope this post was helpful! For more helpful posts check out more here!

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My name is Amanda and I am a Light and Airy NH Wedding Photographer serving couples and families by creating authentic and classic images that they will cherish for a lifetime. Lots of people are anxious about getting their photos taken but I create a no stress fun experience that will leave you feeling confident. 

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