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What is the purpose of Amanda Rai Photography? Why does it exist? Sure documenting special fleeting moments and taking beautiful photos is the tangible good that we provide, but I believe this business is much deeper than that.

Amanda Rai Photography is about serving our clients and loving people well. A wedding day or a photoshoot can be STRESSFUL, I know from personal experience. We desire to be that calm joyful presence for our clients throughout the entire process and beyond!

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For some reason joy is something that fascinates me. In the dictionary joy is defined as a feeling of great happiness, but I don’t think that is the full picture. If that were true then how would I be able to feel sadness and joy at the same time? Wouldn’t they be mutually exclusive? I can think about memories with my late grandmother and feel sad and joy simultaneously. I can reflect on my children as babies and how time is going too fast and feel joy and sadness. I can be going through a very rough season that is spattered with difficulty and sadness and still feel joy.

I don’t think joy = happiness.

I believe joy is the settled assurance that God is in control of all the details of my life. Joy is an emotion that can be obtained through the anticipation of something wonderful. A quiet confidence that everything is happening for a reason. I’m not always happy, but I am always joyful.

I have always been the girl that is always smiling. My kindergarten teacher wrote in my report card that “Amanda brings sunshine into the room”. In middle school I was voted “class clown” as a superlative. Nowadays, I’m known as the friend that sends memes or replies to text messages with silly GIFS. I love making others smile. That is a deep part of who I am, and therefore a part of Amanda Rai Photography.

It is our mission to make sure you feel pure joy in every moment of your photography experience and when you see the images on your walls for years to come. We don’t just bring our cameras but we bring joy and friendship! A constant source of love and support. That is the A Rai Mission.

Amanda Rai Photography exists to love and serve others by creating a joyful experience.

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My name is Amanda and I am a Light and Airy NH Wedding Photographer serving couples and families by creating authentic and classic images that they will cherish for a lifetime. Lots of people are anxious about getting their photos taken but I create a no stress fun experience that will leave you feeling confident. 

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